Tuesday, October 23, 2012


This movie was very strange.  It has a certain dreamlike quality, which works for it, because the bulk of the movie focuses on children's nightmares that somehow come to life (specifically the same nightmare about a monster called "Hollowface" who lurks in the shadows and wants to take a child's face for his own...brr, right?)  The movie opens with the story of a little boy who encountered Hollowface and wrote a story about him, and then we meet a little girl who also encounters Hollowface after finding the story the little boy wrote. In both cases, Hollowface seems to be tearing the respective families apart, because the parents don't know what to make of these stories their children are telling, and we don't really see the connection until later in the movie.  I had pretty much guessed the twist by the time it happened, but it was still cool to see the filmmakers trying to do something different with the idea of nightmares becoming more real because children believe in them.  This is a cool little movie and I enjoyed it a lot.

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