Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Eclipse

If you're wondering why this movie poster looks like it belongs to a freakin' Nicholas Sparks movie or something, it's because this is much more a romantic drama than a horror movie, though it's better than anything Nicholas sparks has ever written and it DOES have its creepy moments, courtesy of the main character's heightened sense of guilt and the tendency for tragedy to follow him around through life.  the main character is a father with a teenage daughter and preteen son who were left motherless when the man's wife died a little over a year before.  The man also has to deal with guilt because his father in law is in a nursing home, and he is too busy to visit as often as his wife did.  He feels guilt about a lot of things, really.

Enter a writer's convention where he meets a beautiful woman who writes ghost stories and an infamous male writer who is a total jackass (and who is also romantically interested in the ghost story writer woman).  A romantic triangle ensues, complicating things for everyone involved.  The main character also starts to get gruesome visions of his father in law dying, as well as visions of his dead wife, and it's all very sad and mysterious.  Not a "happily ever after" kind of movie because it's far too complex for that kind of thing, but it does have a satisfying sort of conclusion eventually (though you have to slog through a lot of sadness to get there).  I'm glad I watched this movie, though Netflix is doing it a disservice to classify it as horror where most people who might be its biggest fans won't see it.

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