Tuesday, October 30, 2012

MST3K: Final Justice

This is another one of those movies that's just plain horrendous, and I wonder sometimes how movies this terrible get made now that we don't even have the Mystery Science theater 3000 gang to release pre-mocked versions for us.  We just have to sit and mock the movies ourselves now, and that's sad.  But this was funny to watch for the most part, except that the humor relied a little too heavily on fat jokes.  Ok, the main actor is fat, we get it, can we move on please?  They literally bring it up every five minutes (I started timing it after awhile) and it gets old when your only comedic commentary can be reduced to "hurr hurr, he's fat!"  Though I did enjoy the snarking of the ending credits theme song where they warned people to "hide your sandwich, he's coming!"

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