Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Community (Fear Itself #3)

Isn't it great to have neighbors who look out for each other? Not when they're creepy and nosy and way too interested in my business, but for the couple in this story who move into an exclusive gated community hoping to start a family, at first they love the sense of how everyone's watching out for each other and willing to help each other out. Right from the beginning I was creeped out by this episode, not just because the opening sequence showed us that there was trouble ahead for the characters. I would have known that without the heavy-handedness. I don't like everyone being all up in my business like this. If the premise works for you, the movie will work for you, and it got under my skin, so I liked it. There are shades of stories I remember from the author Robert R. McCammon, who must have had as much a problem with nosy neighbors as I do.

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