Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hostel III

The first movie in this series is one of my favorite horror movies, with its setup or arrogant US tourists partying it up overseas until they stumble on an organization that kidnaps them and allows other people to bid on and then kill them for money. Apparently killing someone is a highly sought-after thrill (at least by the morally bankrupt people that populate these movies). I wasn't a fan of the second installment, but I was willing to give the third movie a shot, especially since I still believed the premise had a lot of promise. This time around, you can't console yourself with the idea that the action is all taking place overseas, either, since this movie takes place in good old Las Vegas (remind me to never go there).

In this movie, four guys are celebrating the impending marriage of one of their friends by throwing him a bachelor party he won't ever forget. Of course, nonstop partying soon turns sinister when one of their group disappears and they can't get him to respond to their increasingly frantic voicemails or texts. They go in search of him and are soon caught in the same trap. Of course, there are some plot twists along the way, and they wound up keeping things interesting and being pretty awesome (though not doing much to restore my already flagging faith in humanity...damn some people are disgusting). There's tons of gore, nudity, and unlike part 2, this movie actually gives us some characters to root for, with an ending that is the eyeball on top of the gore sundae. It's probably because I'm a despicable person or something, but I really loved this movie, which is much more than I was hoping for.

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