Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wind Chill (movie #102)

I saw this movie a few years ago for the first of these Halloween challenges that I did,and it's one of the few that I remember from that challenge. It's so bleak and mean-spirited that it's hard to forget. First of all, the characters aren't the most likable in the world. Two college students who don't know each other very well decide to carpool home to save money. The guy secretly likes the girl but she doesn't like him (she doesn't like much of anything, as she botches and complains throughout much of the movie, treating him like shit). On the way home, they get into an accident on a deserted stretch of road, and soon they're trapped in a snowbank without much hope of rescue. To top it off, they start seeing people around them who turn out to be apparitions of spirits of other people who died on that stretch of road. Soon they're fighting frostbite and trying to survive while also battling ghostly visitors from the past.

It's a pretty good little movie. the atmosphere is so thick that it actually has me shivering because it looks so COLD onscreen, the ghosts are pretty cool looking,and there's even a mystery to solve that had me intrigued. I really enjoyed watching this movie again and it's one indie that I can safely recommend since most of the pitfalls of indie filmmaking aren't in evidence here (bad acting,horrible special effects, etc.)

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