Saturday, October 10, 2009

Virus (movie #26)

This movie starts out really badly, and that pissed me off, because I'd been wanting to see it for years and I didn't want it to suck. Luckily, around the halfway point,it turned around and became a better movie, and by the end,I really liked it and its characters. It starts off with a ship in space encountering some kind of evil alien thing, and later the action moves to a ship on the ocean where the crew picks up a lone survivor of the "evil alien"incident and finds out that there's something sinister aboard their ship.

People argued with me that this movie was "Sci-Fi" and not horror , but they're full of shit. This movie is far more about dismembered body parts and people being ripped to shreds by evil alien things than it is about anything scientific. If we count "Alien" as horror, and most people do,than "Virus" certainly qualifies as well. There's some high-caliber acting in this movie. Donald Sutherland, Jaimie Lee Curtis, and William Baldwin all star (I spent most of the movie trying to figure out which Baldwin brother that was). The characters spend far too much time playing around and trying to see how the evil alien things "work" than they do escaping, and most of them would have lived if they hadn't been so stupid, but still,I have to say I did enjoy this movie. If nothing else, it has some cool gore to keep you entertained.

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