Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Feeding (movie #25)

This is one of those low-budget movies that does everything wrong, but yet I have a soft spot in my heart for it anyway. The acting is pretty terrible, everyone sounds like a robot when delivering their lines, the special effects kind of suck, people make stupid statements like "Hey, before Cynthia was eaten, she used to say..." (no, I am not making that up, one of the characters actually felt the need to point out that Cynthia said these things PRIOR to being eaten,in case we couldn't figure that out on our own). Also, the image in the movie got grainy whenever the monster was onscreen killing for no apparent reason, and the movie again kills off all the characters I like. Somehow though, I didn't mind it. I guess I've come to like terrible horror movies, and this one had some good dialogue and some characters that I liked (before they got eaten,not after). I can't really recommend it, but I'm glad that I had a good time.

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