Saturday, October 10, 2009

Children of the Damned (movie #28)

If I had to classify one of these 1960 "evil children" movies as horror, I'd have to say that "Children of the Damned," the sequel to "Village of the Damned," is more of a horror movies to me. The children are a lot creepier to me in this movie (the acting is better I guess) and some horrific things happen to the parents in this movie when they try to cross the evil little children. I suppose that the original movie was trying to make the children seem more innocent so that the ending would come as more of a shock,and in this movie, they figured that anyone coming into the movie would already know that the children were evil from seeing the first movie, so there was no reason to pretend. Whatever the reason, I liked this movie a lot more than the original "Village of the Damned" for the creep factor alone.

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