Saturday, October 31, 2009

El Spectoro Rojo (The Red Spectre) (Wildcard #2) (movie #95)

I'm trying to cram in some short movies to fulfill my wildcards for this horror challenge (any movies under the standard running time of about 60 minutes, Halloween specials, etc.) and I wanted to check this movie out, because it was made in 1907 and I like catching up on early horror films and getting a sense of their impact on horror film evolution throughout the years. I've seen a lot of cool little old horror flicks this way, but this movie isn't one of them. It's only about ten minutes long, but it's not very interesting. Some of the movies I watched today were intriguing,but this one just kind of lay there not doing anything interesting. It's about a secluded cave wherein a glowing red ghost lives, performing tricks like a magician, tormenting people. That makes it sound more interesting than it is. I really recommend checking out some of the early silent horror films, but you can safely skip this one.

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