Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Strangers (movie #88)

This movie is creepy. It's about a woman and a man staying in a secluded cabin for the night who are tormented by three strange people for no apparent reason. The "strangers" first stay outside the house, making noises and knocking things down, then the trouble escalates. This is one of those movies that got under my skin. How many times do you get the creepy feeling that someone is behind you, then turn around to see that no one is there? Well this movie posits the idea that someone really IS there, you just don't turn around fast enough to know it...

AAAAAA! Let's just say that this movie freaked me the hell out when I first saw it, and even though it didn't scare me this time around, I still appreciated it for the well-made little creepfest that it is.

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