Friday, October 9, 2009

Freddy vs. Jason (movie #23)

I have fond memories of watching this movie in theaters when it came out. My friend Elijah and I drove to Grand Rapids (about an hour away) because it wasn't playing locally, and we ended up in a late-night showing with a lot of other obsessed horror heads like me (some guy in the parking lot when we pulled up asked, "You're here to see 'Freddy vs.Jason,' right?" and when I said "yes," he cheered). We yelled at the screen, laughed, and it was like watching a movie with a theater full of friends. See, we horror freaks had been waiting for "Freddy vs. Jason"for years, so when it was finally released, we were pumped. We knew it was going to be bad (and it was) but we had fun with it anyway. This is why I bought the DVD even though I knew it was bad. It's a fun movie that I can still watch and enjoy even though it has glaring,obvious flaws. I love seeing two of my favorite psycho killer movie icons going at each other.

Watching the movie last night, I cringed at some of the stupidity on display (ahem, "Jason was killed with water...Freddy was killed with can we use this?" Really?) but I still enjoyed the movie. What can I say? I'm a horror nerd. I like seeing blood squirt 30 feet when someone is killed. I like seeing Freddy call Jason a jerkoff. I like seeing Jason decimate a cornfield full of teenagers at an outside rave. This is how I entertain myself. Some people do crossword puzzles.


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