Friday, October 2, 2009

Laserblast (movie #8)

Wow, this movie was horrible. Lucky for me, the Mystery Science Theater 3000 crew decided to select this classic for their show, so I get to watch it with witty commentary. I have to wonder who would actually watch this movie willingly without the MST3k commentary. I feel sorry for people who watched this movie when it first came out in drive-ins (because you know that's where this movie played). At least most of those original viewers really came to the drive-in to have sex and so they didn't really have to pay attention to the movie.

The "plot" of this movie concerns a big laser thing that fits over people's arms and this necklace thing that gives the wearer the power to fire the laser and blow things up. We see a guy wandering around in the beginning of the movie with the laser blaster attached to his arm, but then the guy is killed by some really hilarious looking aliens. Now I think we're supposed to gather that the aliens came to earth to stop the guy from using the laser, but then you have to wonder why they just left it laying there on the ground after they killed the guy, because then they just fly away in their spaceship and leave the laser arm attachment lying on the ground, where it's picked up by our main character, Billy, a guy who runs around throughout the whole movie with his shirt unbuttoned. Anyway, Billy isn't the sharpest crayon in the box, so he thinks it's cool that this little laser and necklace give him the power to blow things up and he enjoys getting revenge on all his enemies with the laser, until he discovers that the laser corrupts whoever wears it and turns them into a monster. The makeup effects are pretty funny, as it really just looks like he's wearing some blue contacts and some dark eyeliner (hey, the laser turns the wearer into Pete Wentz).

So yeah, this is perhaps not the best movie, so I was grateful to be able to watch it with little robots making snide comments the entire way through ("Hey, this movie is comprised entirely of second unit footage!") About fifteen minutes in, there was a bit that had me giggling and saying "Hush hush!" "SWEET CHARLOTTE!" for the rest of the running time (I'm mature like that...only now I really have the urge to watch "Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte." Go figure).

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