Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Bucket of Blood (movie #36)

For some reason, I seem to enjoy these low-budget little Roget Corman movies, and this one was no exception. It's about a loser guy who is a busboy in a local restaurant frequented by artists and other creative people who wants nothing more than to be liked and respected by them. He's always trying his hand at making different types of art, and then one day when he accidentally kills a cat, he covers its dead body with clay, and suddenly everyone is talking about what a good artist he is. He accidentally kills a person in his apartment, and he covers that guy in clay, and people are calling him brilliant. From there, he becomes a regular serial killer, knocking people off and then covering them with clay, hoping to retain his position as a respected artist. It's cheesy, but I actually felt sorry for the guy, and as I watched him bask in the praise [people gave him for his art, I felt even worse. Of course things are going to end badly for him,and the finale of the movie is actually creepy and kind of sad. I was impressed with this movie and didn't expect to be. If nothing else, it's a kick in the teeth for pretentious directors like the guy who made "Blood of the Beast." THIS is how to make a good movie,. Take notes.

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