Saturday, October 17, 2009

Slash (movie #46)

I have a soft spot for low-budget slasher movies. Most of the time they suck, but sometimes you stumble upon a gem like "Slash," and that makes it all worthwhile for me. The movie is about a rock band led by a brooding guy named Mac who has a dark past in a creepy little small town. When his band makes a pit stop on tour to attend a funeral, the rest of the band gets to meet his family, and things escalate from there. It turns out that besides harvesting corn, Mac's family may have some other grisly hobbies.

The movie isn't perfect, but I'm a sucker for movies with killer scarecrows, and there's one that makes an appearance in this movie,so I geeked out over that. I also like the music in this movie. Overall,it's one I'm glad I own and I enjoy watching it from time to time to remind myself that it is still possible to make a good slasher even though people like to say that every original idea has already been used and the subgenre is played out. I think that this movie proves them wrong.

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