Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween II (movie #60)

This movie is so boring that I slip into a coma every time I try to watch it. I keep giving it a chance, hoping that I'll somehow change my mind and like it this time, but no dice.

This is supposed to take place on Halloween night,directly following the events of the first Halloween. Michael Myers is still alive (though now he's wearing a stupider looking mask) and still killing people, so Dr. Loomis still has to stop him. Laurie Strode has been taken to the hospital,but Michael is still after her, so we get to see Michael Myers stalking through the corridors of a dimly-lit, poorly staffed hospital throughout the movie. It's kind of creepy, as far as the setting goes, but I hate the characters and I hate the Michael Myers mask and Jamie Lee Curtis sleepwalks through her performance, so it just comes across as boring and ridiculous to me. I don't get why people like it.

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