Saturday, October 24, 2009

White Noise (movie #63)

This is one of those movies that is good for most of its running time and then falls apart at the end. It's sad, because for a long time,this movie is very promising. Michael Keaton is mourning the loss of his wife, growing more and more estranged from his young son,when he discovers that he can hear her communicating with him through the "white noise" (static) of electronic devices. It might sound stupid,but this is a phenomena that many people believe in, so that didn't bother me much, and I think Keaton is compelling enough to pull it off. Anyway, soon he discovers that his wife isn't the only one communicating with him, that evil things are trying to reach out too, and here's where the movie gets sticky.

It seems like it's building up to some big twist ending,but about twenty minutes from the end,you realize "hey,. there's no twist, the moviemakers don't know how to end this." Have you ever been talking with someone and eventually they start to trail off and then just stop talking because they forgot what they were going to say? That's how this movie ends, and it's a shame, too, because it could have been a lot better. It's still not as bad as people say it is, though.

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