Friday, October 2, 2009

Nightmare Castle (movie #9)

I've always wanted to see one of these spooky old Italian horror movies with Barbara Steele. She's a legend among many horror fans for her creepy performances in movies like "Black Sunday" and "Nightmare Castle," so I'm happy that I finally got to see one of her movies. I can see why she's such a legend. the woman is freaky. She's got these big, piercing eyes that stare right out of the screen into your soul. This movie is about a woman who owns a huge, creepy castle. She's married to a mad scientist who does strange experiments, but she's having an affair with the gardener (slut) and when her husband catches them, he tortures and kills the woman and the gardener, doing some creepy things with their remains. A year or so later, the scientist marries the woman's sister and she comes to live at the castle, and the shit hits the fan.

This movie is a little dated and there's some silly melodrama involved, but it's a cool little story nonetheless. I loved the ending as well.

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