Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2 (movie #100)

Wow, this was a mean-spirited little movie. Not that that's a bad thing. Horror movies are supposed to be disturbing and evil,right? I don't know how the abysmal slasher cash-in "Prom Night" inspired this nasty follow up, but I'm glad it did. this movie follows the story of Mary Lou, a bitchy, rebellious teenager in the 50s who terrorizes a local priest in the opening scene of the film. Mary Lou likes to terrorize people, namely her fellow students at school, and she moves from one guy to another, dumping her boyfriend on prom night to hook up with someone hotter. When a prank goes wrong, Mary Lou is burned to death in front of the rest of the students at prom (like a witch being burned at the stake, which wasn't lost on this viewer). Fast forward to the late 80s, and that school is gearing up for prom again when Mary Lou decides to return from the grave for revenge. She possesses the body of a sweet, innocent girl and pretty much turns her into the embodiment of pure evil (what a bitch).

this movie is really mean-spirited. Mary Lou likes to do horrible things to people, and in one scene, she walks around a locker room, totally nude, terrorizing a fellow student. this scene surprised me. I hear a lot of bitching that movies these days are mean-spirited and they don't offer much hope for the redemption of the characters, but it's clear from watching this movie that this attitude is nothing new. I've never seen this movie before (I didn't like the original Prom Night, so I wasn't interested in seeing the follow up) but I'm really glad I checked it out for the challenge this year. to me, this is what the challenge is all about: discovering cool little horror movies you wouldn't have otherwise seen.

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