Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Hell Night (movie #22)

Wow, this movie was bad. I kind of knew that it would be. With a title like "Happy Hell Night," you've gotta come in with low expectations. The thing is, I usually enjoy low-budget slashers, but sheesh, this movie really stank. I kind of knew it would when it took 20 minutes for the opening credits to run,and when they did, they ran over a theme song written for the movie (oy...the song is worse than the movie, but not by much).

You've gotta love the characters in this movie, too. Two of them go to an asylum to photograph one of the patients (nifty idea for a fun night on the town) and when one of them gets killed, the other one doesn't report it to the police or even tell anyone Well, ok, he goes to a frat party and tells his friends. Too bad the patient, a possessed Priest, had already crashed the frat party and was killing the guests. Also of note:the guy who tries to pick up a girl at the party with the suave pickup line "Wanna fuck?" It would be funny if it didn't WORK. On what planet would that line attract anyone? Sigh. Is the movie over with yet? You know you're in trouble when you spend most of the movie looking at the clock, waiting for it to end.

There's no gore that's really worthwhile. No, not even the pickax to the head through the roof of a car can redeem this movie. Skip this movie. Do something more productive like ironing your underwear (which is what I should have done instead of watching this movie).

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