Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saw 2 (movie #48)

This is the Saw movie that proved that the story could be bigger, could be more than a premise for one movie, and that it could stretch out and the puzzle could grow and evolve and span multiple movies. I really liked this movie the first time I saw it (I actually like all but the fourth Saw movies) and the impact of the movie hasn't diminished over the years. I still want to punch Jigsaw in the face when I watch the movie now (shut up, you preachy blowhard) and I want to punch Donnie Whalberg in the face, too. Just because. I like how Jigsaw tells people everything they need to know in the first five minutes, but they don't listen to him. The premise of the movie is intriguing, and whatever you think about the later Saw movies, you have to admit,it's a cool premise for a horror movie.

Jigsaw's traps creep me out this time around. The pit full of needles gives me goosebumps. The furnace triggers my fear of fire and my fear of small places (who isn't creeped out by the idea of being burned alive?) The movie does remind me a little too much of "Cube" considering how everything plays out, but it's still an effective horror movie.

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