Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2011 October Horror Movie Challenge Movie 55: Angst

This is one of those movies that's very hard to recommend. Seriously. I really enjoyed it, but I can hear everyone screaming at me now about how terrible it is: the special effects are virtually nonexistent because of the low budget, the plot is extremely strange, and weird random shit keeps happening in the movie for no reason other than to make it strange (throw in some siamese twins who go on a date with a main character, who falls in love with one twin but not the other? Why not!) It's certainly not a good movie, but scream queen Fiona Horsey, who plays the main character, is a good actress (she really turns into whatever character she's playing, so even if the plot is unbelievable, you believe what she's saying, and I appreciated that) and the plot, about a young girl who is constantly abused and mistreated by men until she discovers that she has a horrific way to fight back, is fun to watch. Well, at least for me. I have a feeling most people are too sane to have the kind of demented fun I had watching this movie, but I enjoyed it.

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