Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2011 October Horror Movie Challenge Movie 56: The Chambermaid

This is a seriously messed up movie. It's not really a horror movie, contrary to how it's marketed as a slasher movie, and it's not really anything else, either, it just kind of a sleazy little exercise in awkwardness that is just plain weird and disorienting to watch. There's a young woman working two dead-end jobs to support her slacker druggie musician of a boyfriend, and when he gets into trouble with some nasty drug dealers, she tries her hand at prostitution, moonlighting in her job as a hotel cleaning woman by accepting money from one of the guests who offers to pay her for sexual favors. She complies, which gets her in trouble with her boss, and when he threatens to fire her, she pretends to be in love with him, and then she moves in with him, but when he finds out she was just pretending, he starts keeping her tied up in the basement...it's just a confusing, weird, sleazy mess of a movie. I kind of enjoyed watching the weirdness unfold onscreen (and I think I'm in love with scream queen Fiona Horsey, and Paul Conway, who was also in "Angst," is good in both movies, though he's creepy and sleazy to the max here). I had some fun with this movie, but I don't think many other people would, so maybe you should all steer clear of it, just in case.

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