Saturday, October 8, 2011

2011 October Horror Movie Challenge Movie 20: Boo

I don't really see everyone's problem with this movie. Every review I've seen has been really nasty whining about how this movie is "predictable" and "derivative" and I have to ask, what did you expect? It's a movie about a group of teens who explore a place that's supposedly haunted and wind up being terrorized and knocked off one by one by a bunch of nasty, mean spirited ghosts (hee hee hee, I said "spirited"). It's not the most original premise in the world, so of course it's going to ring familiar. There is plenty to like here. The gore is icky (especially once the trapped friends start turning into "drippers," and no, you don't want to know what "drippers" are) and there is some spooky mumbo-jumbo going on that ,leads to some fun "boo" scares. all in all an enjoyable watch if you don't think too hard about it all.

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