Monday, October 3, 2011

2011 October Horror Movie Challenge Movie 6: Doomsday

This was one of my favorite movies that I discovered during a past year's horror movie challenge. A fresh take on the "end of the world" movie trope. In this movie, a grisly virus known as the "reaper virus" has ravaged the people in Scotland, and the government's solution was to build a huge wall and seal the people in, leaving them to suffer and die off. Sounds like something the US government would do (might come sooner rather than later, the way the economy is going). The fact that I can see this happening at some point in the future makes the movie even scarier than it would be otherwise. Of course, the government's plan wasn't foolproof (we know this since the whole sealing the people off part happens in the first ten minutes of the movie, so we know more is coming). Some 26 years after the opening sequence, the reaper virus is spreading once again and the government wants to find a cure, so they un-seal the wall and send in a group of elite troops to find possible survivors and see if there is a cure for the reaper virus. The lead character, a woman named Eden Sinclair, was just a little girl when her mother sent her away before the wall sealed Scotland away from the rest of the country. Eden has grown into a strong soldier and a powerful woman (she kicks major ass in this movie). One of the best parts of the movie is seeing her come to life again as she finds a mission and a purpose in her life (plus, like I said, seeing her kick a lot of ass is also a highlight of the movie viewing experience). The movie is gory and nasty (there's lots of gore as the survivors in Scotland tend to like snacking on each other, and the Reaper virus effects are pretty bloody and gruesome). All in all, this is a gory, nasty, ass-kicking extravaganza and a lot of fun to watch.

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