Saturday, October 8, 2011

2011 October Horror Movie Challenge Movie 21: Hellraiser VI: Hellseeker

This movie was hyped a lot in horror fan circles when it came out because of the return of Ashley Laurence to the series. The woman who played Kirsty in the first two movies was a big lure for horror fans, even though snide comments in interviews indicated that she perhaps did not enjoy the movies the way the fans did. The movie seems to want us to believe that Kirsty has grown up and FORGOTTEN what happened in the first two Hellraiser movies (sure, my family was killed by demons and I was sucked into hell, but I don't really remember it now...) and she married a guy (who is a total idiot by the way) and she seems to be happy until one day she's busy flirting with her husband in the front seat of their car, neither of them watching the road, and they drive off a bridge and crash into the water below. Her husband survives, but she is missing, and he is haunted by visions of sex, murder, and bloody death that may or may not be real.

Actually, I did like this movie. I know it's not perfect, and Kirsty's husband is a total idiot for getting sucked in by the puzzle box that is a portal to hell (why do people in these movies decide that if their lives are boring, the answer is to get involved with demons from hell?) but aside from the inherent stupidity of the characters, the movie has some good gore and creepy scenes, and it was an enjoyable watch because of that.

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