Thursday, October 13, 2011

2011 October Horror Movie Challenge Movie 37: Quarantine 2: Terminal

I don't understand why so many people bash this movie so mercilessly. It's not a cinematic masterpiece or anything, but it's a fun little horror flick that tries to build on the story of "Quarantine." that's an important distinction...yes, "Quarantine" was a remake of the Spanish horror movie [REC] but it built its own little world and its own spin on the story, and this builds on that, it's not a remake of [REC 2]; at this point, the movie is doing its own thing. Someone said this movie is like a "Disney channel version of [REC 2]" but I don't know what disney Channel that guy watches, because this movie has gore and nastiness and a lot of gruesome stuff, and it's definitely not watered-down.

This movie picks up later on in the night of the first movie, where passengers aboard an airplane flying out of LA find themselves facing a rapidly spreading virus that causes people to snap and exhibit rabies-like symptoms, eventually turning and attacking and gnawing on the other passengers. Once they perform an emergency landing of the plane, they find themselves under lockdown at the Terminal and the government seems more intent on cutting them off from their means of communicating with the outside world than on helping them. It's bleak and icky and not half as bad as everyone says it is, so for my money, it's worth checking out.

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