Thursday, October 13, 2011

2011 October Horror Movie Challenge Movie 38: The Roommate

This is another movie that people like to hate on. It's a kind of teen-lite version of Single White Female, which I remember from way back in the olden days (it's the definitive scary roommate movie). In this movie, two girls are tossed together as roommates at college and they become close friends, but one girl takes the "close friendship" idea too far. she goes from admiring her roommate to following her around, scaring off her other friends, trying first to control and then to take over her life. It's not an original premise, but "The Roommate" handles the subject matter well. Leighton Meester does a great job being the creepy roommate. Plotwise, it's pretty close to a carbon copy of "Single White Female," but again, it's not a bad watch. It was an ok way to kill an hour and a half, which is what I wanted. I'm really glad I live alone, though, because this movie combines with "Single White Female" make me leery about ever having roommates again.

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