Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Up (april 12, 2010)

I'm a little behind the times here. I've had this movie for awhile, but I haven't watched it. Part of me was worried it wouldn't be as good as everyone keeps saying it is. Part of me is just lazy. But I watched it tonight, and I'm glad I finally did.

Right from the very beginning, I liked this movie (I also cried right from the very beginning and throughout most of the movie...it really is sad in a lot of ways). It starts with a little boy meeting a little girl and the two becoming inseparable. they grow up together, get married, and have a full life together. then the woman dies, and the old man is left in the world alone wondering what to do with what's left of his life. This is incredibly sad and I can relate a lot to the feelings (even though I'm not THAT old...I feel pretty damn old sometimes). The old man is about to be sent to a nursing home when he gets the idea to attach a bunch of balloons to his house and sail away on one last adventure.

As you can see from the premise, it's sad right from the beginning. Well, maybe "touching" is a better word. It's sad that the man has lost his wife and doesn't know what to do without her, and he's cranky and reticent about making new friends because for so long, she was his world. Of course the movie is populated with other characters. A Dog who has a collar designed to communicate what he's thinking (and it's pretty accurate from the dogs I've met). A boy who wants to earn a merit badge by helping an elderly person. A rare, exotic bird trying to escape capture and captivity. Together these characters do indeed have one hell of an adventure. I advise you to watch this movie (just make sure you have a hell of a lot of tissues around when you do).

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