Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Swarm (1977)

If you'll look at the bottom of the movie poster, you'll see that practically everyone in Hollywood was in this movie. Apparently in the 70s there was a big run on disaster movies and Hollywood was churning them out and packing them with as many stars as possible in order to get people to see the movies. It's too bad that this particular movie sucks as badly as it does. I read the novel when I was a kid and I don't remember it being too bad, but I also notice that it doesn't really resemble this movie very much. The filmmakers must have just cribbed the basic idea from the book (swarms of killer bees massacring people) and slapped it together with some scientific mumbo-jumbo in order to make the script. Let's put it bluntly: this movie is garbage. It's hokey and stupid and full of plot holes, the dialogue is atrocious and the acting is terrible and everyone in the damn movie knows how to act (hell, half of them won Oscars at one point or another) so there are no excuses for the movie to be as bad as it is. Irwin Allen, the guy who made the movie, must not have cared or he must not have thought that anyone would notice that the movie sucks and every "plot twist" was stolen from another movie (I'm not fucking kidding, even the ending of the movie was taken from a low-budget sci-fi movie called "Beginning of the End"). Skip this movie and watch something else. Anything else. Watch paint dry if you have to.

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