Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Moon

Dude, this is a COOL poster for this movie. It's much better than the ones I typically see, and it gives a much clearer picture of the struggles Bella is facing in this book/movie. I dig it.

Ok, in THIS book (movie, whatever...the movie and book are very close in this case, and I might even like the movie better than the book, which never happens) Edward (boy wonder vampire) decides that he puts Bella in too much danger by loving her, so he tells her he never loved her, she's too ordinary and boring, he's going to leave and he wants her to forget about him, blah blah blah. Basically he's a big fat jerk head. Of course he's lying and he really does love her, but he thinks she'll be better off without him (and if he's going to be that much of a jerk head, I kind of agree) so he leaves her. Of course, she (being a teenage girl without much self esteem) believes him because she's NEVER felt worthy of him, so she falls into a depression, and the only thing that takes her out of her depression is her friendship with Jacob.

Jacob is a local boy (he also happens to love Bella, but he's willing to be her friend because he figures she'll learn to love him) and as their friendship blossoms, Bella gets more and more torn. should she embrace her newfound feelings for Jacob and forget about Edward? Because Edward always tried to protect her, Bella finds that she can still hear his voice and he becomes more real to her if she's doing something dangerous and reckless (that Edward would have never let her do if he were around) so she starts pulling more and more dangerous stunts just to feel Edward close to her again (not a good thing). Of course, this being the Twilight saga, nothing is as it seems, so she soon learns that Jacob isn't an ordinary boy, he can turn into a wolf when he gets angry and he and the other wolf boys use this power to fight the vampires. I wish I had that power. It would totally come in handy at work.

So anyway, the whole story here is about the choice Bella has to make between Edward and Jacob, and the next movie in the series will be a continuation of that choice (Eclipse, the next movie/book in the series is actually my favorite, so the movie had damn well better live up to the book or I'm going to turn into a wolf and go berserk). This movie holds up well. It manages to cram about 500 pages of text into a two hour movie without feeling rushed. I really enjoyed this movie and look forward to the next movie in the series.

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