Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Role Models (April 27, 2010)

This movie is hilarious. I bought it awhile back and then kept shuffling it off and letting it sit in my pile of unwatched DVDs until I finally got around it it today. I ended up loving it just as much as I'd predicted I would. Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott play two immature men in their 30s who commit a crime and wind up with a sentence of community service. They serve out their sentence by mentoring two young boys, and hilarity ensues. First of all, these are the LAST two guys who should ever serve as role models. Scott plays a guy who really only cares about partying and hooking up, and Rudd plays a guy who feels stuck in a rut and hates himself and his life. Luckily they wind up with two kids who can help smack some sense into them. Scott winds up with a mouthy, street wise kid who doesn't take shit from anyone, and Rudd winds up with a weird kid who likes role playing games. throughout the course of the movie, the men learn to act like men and the kids learn to act more like kids, and everyone is better for it. I like smarmy sweet movies as much as the next person, but my heart really belongs to movies like this; movies that are jaded and cynical and they EARN their emotional scenes because they don't seem to be out to manipulate me to jerk those tears out in the first place. This one is highly recommended.

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