Monday, August 6, 2012

Take Me Home Tonight

I have to give this movie mad props, because after it started, and even for the first like, hour or so of the movie I was thinking "Oh good, the worst movie ever made, I'm glad I had nothing better to do with my day." It wasn't even that there was anything horrendously wrong with the movie, it was just flat and bland and not very interesting...kind of like Topher Grace's character in the movie. He graduated high school, went to MIT and got a degree, and now works in a video store and lives with his parents, squandering his considerable brains and talents. His sister is a great writer who is dating and planning to move in with a bland, dipshit guy from her hometown who doesn't really respect her talent and just kind of doesn't take her seriously in general. It's pretty clear that she's settling, Everything seems to come to a head when the hottest girl from high school shows back up in town and Topher Grace realizes he could pretend to have an awesome job and actually maybe have a shot with her this time around.

It doesn't sound like anything groundbreaking, right? That's the problem, I think, we've all heard this story before. In fact I was thinking "Oh great, post-college disillusionment...I already learned this lesson yesterday with "St. Elmo's Fire," and had more fun learning it, and even if I wanted to learn this same lesson in a movie starring Topher Grace, I could just watch "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton" again and be done with it," but once "Take Me home tonight" finally gets going, it managed to suck me in and keep my interest, and by the end, I was cheering it on. I'm glad I finally got into the movie too, because there's a lot to like here. topher grace is kind of bland, but he's likable enough, and I really love Anna Faris, especially in this movie. The music is a lot of fun, and the movie is a nice throwback to 80s movies that manages to carry its "lesson" without beating us over the head with it, so I had fun with this movie.

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