Friday, August 3, 2012

"Murder, She Wrote" Pilot Episode: The Murder of Sherlock Holmes

This was a premier movie event on TV when I was a kid, and this was the first movie I've watched today that I actually got to see when I was a kid (albeit in reruns). I remember watching "Murder, she Wrote" on Sunday nights with my mom, and we both loved it. this is the pilot episode of that long-running TV series, which appeared as a two-hour TV movie event trying to launch a series (and it was successful in that regard, since the series went on for many years after that and was pretty popular). It's not rocket science or anything, it's a silly series in the "cozy mystery" sub-subgenre about an elderly lady who writes murder mysteries and just happens to have a habit of solving the real-life ones that seem to follow her around (my mom and I used to joke that it wasn't a great idea to befriend Jessica Fletcher, the main character, because most of her friends had a habit of winding up either dead or suspected of murder at some point). The show might not have been the greatest, and it''s melodramatic and cheesy at times, but it''s still a lot of fun to watch today, and this pilot episode was as much fun as I remembered. Here we get to meet the main character, see how her mystery writing career got its start, and watch her solve her first real-life murder mystery. I had a lot of fun reliving the past with this episode and I'm glad it's still just as much fun to watch Jessica Fletcher solve mysteries as it was when I was a kid.

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