Saturday, September 1, 2012


This is a case where the cover of the movie looks so cool that it lures in unsuspecting victims who then have to watch the crappy movie inside. No fair. The acting is terrible, but I can forgive that if the plot is decent. but what plot? A little girls who is creepily interested in her mother's sex life keeps freaking out whenever her mother has sex (which she does with whatever guy seems to be available, the slut) so she freaks out and causes her mother's death, and then her father screams that she killed her mother, and I guess he gives up custody or something? I dunno, the movie isn't really strong on things like "continuity" or "making any kind of fucking sense" so I think the little girl is molested by a foster dad, but it might be her real dad, but regardless, she attacks him, and the movie jumps ahead to present- day where the girl is grown up. She's an actress, so I guess some eccentric behavior is acceptable, but she acts like such a complete lunatic that I can't fathom how she holds down a job, has any friends, or manages to keep a boyfriend (though he's no mental giant, so that probably helps). This movie doesn't even try to keep the identity of the killer a secret, so there's no mystery, and the gore is of the "fake blood dripped on bare skin" variety, so it doesn't hold much interest. There's a decent bit of nudity that got my attention since it was the only remotely interesting thing about the movie. Not much to recommend here otherwise.

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