Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lethal Weapon

When I first watched this movie as a kid, I thought Mel Gibson's character was cool and Danny Glover's character was a washed up jerk. Now, years later, I must be getting too old for this shit (hee hee hee see what I did there?) because I kept thinking, "Damn, how does this asshole NOT get fired?" and "just because YOU have a death wish, hotshot, doesn't mean you have to take anyone else with you," and "you're fucking lucky he invited you over to his house for dinner, whether the food was great or not, and you sit around moping and feeling sorry for yourself enough that you should be grateful someone wants to spend any time with your whiny ass," and basically I think I would have killed Mel Gibson myself after like, five minutes of putting up with his bullshit. I also noticed a lot that went right over my head when I was a kid, like the significance of the bullet that Mel Gibson gives away as a present. Yup, totally didn't get that when I was younger. Also when did I get so fucking old? And damn everyone looks so young in this movie. Gary Busey is like, 12, I swear. This movie was a silly action flick, but it was fun to watch and it still holds up pretty well.

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