Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Reef

Hyperbole, thy name is this movie poster. seriously. It makes it look like a giant ass shark the size of a tank appears in this movie, which isn't what happens. Still kind of a cool image, but it sorta detracts from what I see as one of this movie's strengths, which is that it doesn't go for the overkill...after all, when you're floating and vulnerable, even a regular sized shark can be terrifying. and this movie has its terrifying moments. Following a cast of friends who set out on a fun boating trip only to face watery terror as their boat is damaged and they are forced to try and survive in the middle of the ocean with hungry, antisocial sharks all around them. The plot isn't terribly original, but the movie manages to work with what it has and make a familiar story seem engaging even if it seems we've heard it before. The cast is strong, and even though the smartest of these characters still make some boneheaded moves, you root for them and want them to make it. I enjoyed this movie more than I thought I would, and fans of shark-attack movies should give it a whirl and see if they enjoy it, too.

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