Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dream House (2011)

k, so here's the deal with this movie. It came out around the Fall of 2011, and I wanted to see it (as it had a great cast and what appeared to be a haunted-house type plot). then it came out and everyone hated it, so that dampened my spirits a little, but I still wanted to give it a chance. Then a few months ago some numbnuts at a major retail website allowed an official studio summary of the movie in its description on the website to reveal a major plot twist that happens about halfway through the movie, and I read it and was PISSED. I mean FURIOUS. I've been told that the movie's trailer gives away this twist (dipshits who make movie trailers nowadays anyway) but I avoided the movie's trailer for just this reason, to avoid spoilers, so I was infuriated that I had the movie spoiled for me, even if other twists happen after the big one that was revealed. So I pretty much didn't care about seeing this movie anymore, but it was always in the back of my mind that I liked the cast, liked the sound of the movie, and maybe wanted to give it a chance anyway, even if it ended up sucking (or ended up being good but still being a sucky experience because the twist was ruined for me). So I finally got around to watching it a few days ago and wasn't sure what to expect.

At first, the movie really annoyed me. Honestly. I kept trying to figure out if I would have guessed the twist if it hadn't been spoiled for me. ultimately, I think I probably would have guessed it, or at least suspected it, because I've seen a lot of movies so I'm fairly good at figuring these things out by now) and that distracted me. Further, since I knew something big that was going to happen, I wasn't very nice to the main character Will (played by Daniel Craig) because I was annoyed with everything he said and did and how freaking long it took him to figure out that something weird was going on (seriously dude, slugs have a shorter learning curve). Once the BIG TWIST OF DOOM happens, then I was confused about why the movie was still on and whether everything was going to be explained or if the movie was going to be one of those movies that leaves us hanging and pretends to be "artistic" by "leaving the ending up to our imagination" when really it is being "lazy" by "not bothering to film a conclusion."

At some point, while I was sitting on the edge of my seat, shouting obscenities at the movie screen in annoyance, wondering what was going to happen, I realized that the movie had my attention and had me hooked and thrilled, so I was really enjoying myself in spite of having a big plot twist spoiled for me, and that made me happy because I really enjoy watching movies when I can get involved in them like that. the cast really is good in this movie. Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts and even the actors in smaller parts all go above and beyond to make their roles compelling, and the story does actually conclude, and it does feature some action that makes the viewing experience worthwhile, even though I was really annoyed for about the first hour of the movie. In conclusion, I really liked this movie, and spoilers aside, it was worth checking out.

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