Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This movie was really freaky and disgusting. I have seen a lot of horror movies in my time, but it's really hard for them to get under my skin like this.

Madeline is a woman who really wants a baby. Like, yesterday. We see her having "sex" with her husband and she looks pained and she's doing everything but looking at her watch. then the awkward sex scene is over and she's doing that thing where women sit with their legs in the air trying to direct the sperm where to go. Those things SWIM, hon, you don't have to tell them which way to go, but I've seen other woman do that, too, in movies and on TV, so we get the picture here...Madeline really really really wants a baby. She's obsessed with it, it's her life.

So of course, as these things go, bad things happen to Madeline and she's in a car accident but instead of being concerned that her husband is now dead (she didn't really care much about him anyway, judging by her reactions toward him throughout the movie)( she's insisting on carrying the now dead baby inside her to term and delivering it, even though it is, as I said, dead. So that's what she does, but through sheer force of will and with weeping and begging, Madeline is able to bring the dead baby back to life while holding it in her arms. So her dreams have come true, right?

Wrong. She soon discovers that while adorable, her little baby Grace has some strange proclivities. She smells bad, her hair falls out, she attracts flies, and she wants to drink blood, not milk or formula. Of course, since Madeline's life revolves around taking care of this baby, she goes to whatever lengths she has to go in order to keep the baby alive.

I haven't even mentioned the mother in law here yet. This woman is so grating and evil that you want to kill her the first time you see her. she badgers an 8 month pregnant Madeline that she's doing everything wrong, she turns into even more of a shrew once her son is dead, and I have no sympathy for her because she was this way from the beginning. Then once she finds out that her grandchild is alive, she hatches a plan to take the baby away from Madeline, and she plans to breast feed the kid, so she gets on with producing breast milk by forcing her husband to suck on her breasts, and are you disturbed yet? I sure as hell was. these poor men are pawns in the hands of these unstable women, and it's horrible to watch.

It's even more horrible to watch little Grace feed. Guess how she gets her supply of blood? She suckles Madeline's breast until she's sucking blood, not milk. OMG THAT IS DISGUSTING. EW. Seriously, I kept cringing and looking away from the screen, and I can watch the most grisly death in a "Saw" movie without batting an eye, but this? This hits too close to home. Pregnancy and birth and breastfeeding and obsessed family members and the whole lot of what this movie serves up are what get to me; what digs under my skin and stays there, so "Grace" is a truly disturbing movie for me whereas other movies don't manage to come close. I respect it for that, but it's also an exceedingly unpleasant experience.

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