Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I love horror movies. I have since I was a kid. I love them so much that when I go for too long without seeing a good horror movie, I get cranky. I had an exceedingly bad day yesterday, and the only thing that could really cheer me up was a good horror movies, and this was it.

It's set in a future society where a "virus" has turned the population of the world into vampires. Of course, now there aren't many humans left, and vampires are the dominant race, so blood as a natural resource is getting more and more scarce. Vampires are dying off because of lack of blood, feeding on each other and devolving into ugly creatures that resembles Nosferatu on crack. The vampires are busy trying to come up with a substitute for blood, and the humans are hiding underground trying to survive, and things are pretty bleak.

I find it amusing how the trailer for this movie made it look really stupid. I loved every minute of this movie, but even the description I typed above sounds weird. I guess you had to be there. If you're a horror fan, check this one out. It's worth it. It's so good that even in this age of dwindling resources, I plan on using some of my resources to buy the DVD and watch it again and remember why I love horror movies so much in the first place.

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