Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010: "Stick It"

This is a really cool movie. Like, totally. It's about a teenage girl who's kind of a "rebel without a cause" and she seems to be angry at the world. We meet her when she's being a vandalous lout, and when she's caught, instead of going to Juvie like any self-respecting ,miscreant, she's sent to gymnastics academy. We learn that she used to be a prize gymnast until something happened that caused her to walk away from her love of gymnastics (but we don't learn what this is until near the end of the movie). She pretends to hate gymnastics, but we know that deep down she secretly loves it (after all, it's hard to be that passionate about something you pretend not to care about) and throughout the movie, we get to see her slowly come back to her love of gymnastics again. that's one of the coolest things about this movie. The other coolest thing is that we get to see that gymnastics is really a difficult sport, and the draconian rules for judging the sport turn away even the most ardent fans and performers, and in the end, when the girls are fed up with being mistreated by the sport they love, we feel their pain and we want them to try to band together to do something about it.

As someone who doesn't play sports and doesn't watch sports on TV, you'd think I would like sports movies, but really, I do. I love seeing people work together for a common goal. It inspires me. so I love this movie, and I love how Disney, which has always made movies that kids can relate to, can still do so now, even with kids being vastly different than they were in say, "The Apple Dumpling Gang" or something. "Stick It" has attitude to spare, but it's also inspiring and heartwarming, and it's a movie I love to watch again and again.

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