Thursday, October 2, 2014

October Horror Challenge #9 "The Prophecy: Forsaken"

Ok, everyone needs to calm their tits.  This movie pretty much has nothing but negative reviews, and while it's hokey and kind of silly, and some of the characters are dumb, it's not that bad.  I've seen much worse.  The plot is kinda thin (a secret biblical text reveals the name of the Antichrist, and all the angels want to find said Antichrist and kill him dead as a beef, but they have to get the name from the woman who has been entrusted to guard the secret, so they make a bunch of plots to get to her, which keep failing and pissing them off (which when you think about it, why do they want to kill her?  Presumably if she's dead she can't tell them where she's hidden the important text, so DUH, killing her is stupid, but who cares about sense?  ONWARD!)  Though the plot is kinda dumb, it's still not bad to watch, and the acting is decent.  Again, I've seen much worse.

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