Thursday, October 2, 2014

October Horror Challenge #10 "Alien Abduction"

Easily the best movie I've watched yet this challenge so far.  This is another "found footage" type movie, but the filmmakers actually bother to give us a reason for someone to be taping all the time.  The main character is a boy who's somewhere on the Autism spectrum, and viewing the world through a camera lens helps him focus.  Here he's filming during his family's camping trip in the mountains one fall (I assume it's fall, since the leaves are changing colors and falling from the trees, though why none of the kids are in school is a mystery to me).  But the camping trip seems like fun and the family is pretty likable, so I cared when they seem to take a wrong turn one day while driving from one campsite to another, and suddenly they're low on gas, its raining, their GPS is malfunctioning, and they don't know where they are.

Here's the thing.  I've been on camping trips where I've seen strange things, I've been on road trips where we ran into car trouble and the GPS took us the wrong way, I've lived these stressful situations, so I was totally on board with the characters as everything started to go wrong.  Part of why I like "found footage" type movies in the first place is because they feel more real to me, I can see myself in those situations, and that puts me in the movie, which is creepy to me.  This movie shows just enough of what's behind the strange happenings to be creepy without lingering too long and exposing bad special effects from a small budget.  The jump scares had me jumping, and I was cowering in my seat, waiting to see what happened next.  I love that feeling, and I love this movie.

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