Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Horror Challenge #2 "Munger Road"

This movie starts out kinda rough, with perhaps not the best acting I've ever seen, and I'm annoyed with the group of teens who want to travel out to the train tracks in their town at night, sprinkle baby powder on their car, and then sit in it and see if ghosts move it and leave fingerprints.  If this isn't familiar to you, then you probably grew up in a town bigger than the one I grew up in, where there really wasn't much to do at night but sit in a car in the dark and wait for something to happen, so the ghost story aspect rang true for me, is what I'm saying, and I like the actor who plays the older cop, so I was willing to wait around.

I'm glad I gave the movie a chance, because halfway through, it starts to get better, and we abandon the ghost story premise to head straight into slashertown with dumb teens getting picked off while the cops take an unreasonable amount of time to figure out something is wrong.  I love slashers, so I liked this movie, and by the ending, I was really into the story, so I see that it has a sequel on the way and I'm interested to see where they take the story from there.

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