Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Love Kristen Stewart

Isn't she gorgeous?

So I love Kristen Stewart. I think she's gorgeous, first of all, and even moreso because she has to deal with bullshit from people telling her "she'd be pretty if she smiled more" which is something people tell me all the time, and I gotta tell you, nothing makes me want to smile LESS than hearing a bullshit backhanded compliment like that, but yes, I love her because she has the unmitigated GALL to take publicity photos with a facial expression that is less than satisfactory for her detractors. She always looks to me like she's thinking "I love my job...but this bullshit is just ridiculous...are they done with the camera? Can I go sit down now? My feet are killing me in these heels." Which is to say that I love her even more because she seems like a human being (the horror!) and because she's been acting her ass off in movies since she was 12, and she's in some of my favorite movies (In the Land of Women, Speak, Panic Room, The Messengers, The Safety of Objects) and she's in a lot of movies that I enjoy watching even if they might not be my favorites (Eclipse, New Moon, Twilight, Jumper) and even this just scratches the surface of her career, because there are a lot of movies of hers that I keep hearing are good or that I hear about and think "I would LOVE that movie" but then I forget about them and don't ever get around to watching them, so I figured I'd make a post about them here, with a list of these movies, and that would serve as a reminder of the Kristen Stewart movies I still need to see, and then I could make posts with reviews as I watch these movies. This is crossposted to my "REAL BLOG" (tm) and I hope to finish watching all these movies before the end of the year. I have over 6 months, so it shouldn't be TOO hard. Feel free to comment with recommendations if you think I've missed anything.

Kristen Stewart Movies I Need to See

Snow White and the Huntsman
On the Road
The Runaways
Welcome to the Rileys
Into the Wild
The Yellow Hnadkercheif
What Just Happened
The Cake Eaters
Fierce People
Cold Creek Manor

Kristen Stewart Movies I Already Like

New Moon
The Messengers
In the Land of Women
Panic Room
The Safety of Objects

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