Thursday, October 2, 2014

October Horror Challenge #7 "7 Below"

You know how a lot of times when everyone else says a movie is bad, I'll watch the movie and like it?  I was SURE that was going to happen this time.  The movie starts off well, with some less than stellar acting, but nothing unforgivable, and up until I'd say halfway through or more, I was intrigued and engaged in the story, and I was ready to write a review and say that I liked this movie even though everyone else hated it.  Then something stupid happened, then that was followed by something that made no sense, then more stupid things occurred, and slowly the movie just fell apart in a huge mishmash of psychobabble and spiritual hokum.  It was seriously annoying.  This movie couldn't decide if it wanted to be a ghost story, or a demonic possession story, or  slasher, so it tried to mash all those things together into something horrible.  Ving Rhames, you are better than this.  So are you, Val Kilmer.  Fire your agents.

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