Friday, November 1, 2013

Horror Challenge #101: Supernatural: Season 8: "We Need to Talk About Kevin" (Wildcard)

So some people think that the show Supernatural should have ended awhile ago.  Most people disagree on a point, but the general consensus is that it should have stopped at least after season five.  I of course disagree (because I don't do anything the way anyone else does) because I actually think it got BETTER after season 4, more complex and darker and more gray line between good and evil, and I love that stuff.  Season 8 is on rocky ground with this episode, and some things have happened that we don't understand yet and I know they won't be explained until later in the season, but I like that they didn't just abandon characters like Kevin, the prophet of the lord, who was kind of annoying (teenage angst and all) but was still a character I liked and didn't want to see used as a plot device and then tossed aside.  This episode is heavy on backstory, but it still introduced some intriguing ideas, so I am along for the ride.

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