Monday, February 4, 2013


I love this movie.  My friend bought it for me on DVD for my birthday back in 2007, and I watched it back then with her, and it blew us both away.  It's got a lot of action but it's also good at tackling deeper issues.  I hear a lot of people didn't like this movie, and they piss and moan about it, particularly because many people think you can't understand this movie unless you've watched the show "Firefly" first (which was canceled after only one season and which shows what happens before the events of this movie).  I know this is a bullshit claim, however, because I've never watched "Firefly" and I understand "Serenity" perfectly.  I'm sure that watching "Firefly" would give me depth of knowledge and background, but it's definitely not a requirement for understanding this movie.  I submit that most people would get this movie if they watched it, because the principles it discusses are relevant even if it is fiction.  The government thinks it can improve people by meddling into their lives?  That doesn't happen today?  The government isn't above killing undesirables in order to preserve the "peace"?  Where have I seen that before?  The quote River says; "Old men covered in blood.  they're drowning in it, but it never touches them"?  Doesn't that sound like some "old men" I could name who are responsible for many deaths even though blood technically never touched their hands?  Listen, I think this movie is worth watching.  It hasn't lost any of its power in the years since I first saw it.  If you don't like it, fine, but don't hand me a line of BS about how no one "really understands" it unless they watched the TV show first, so the movie is "worthless."  This movie is FAR from worthless.  Jerks.

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