Thursday, July 5, 2012

Free Stuffs

Hey everyone. Presto's Pizza is offering a free apron (and the possibility for a free oven mitt, too, if you spread the word about their offer) here: Click Here!

This is a cool offer, so I thought I'd share it. If this link doesn't work or is expired by the time you click on it, please don't scream at me and argue with me for 36 posts like certain people do on Facebook. These offers go fast and you have to click it right away sometimes or you might miss out. This offer was still working when I clicked it, but I make no promises that it will still be working however long from now you might happen to click the link. It's a FREE offer, you lose nothing by clicking on it, and posting to shriek at me because my free stuff link didn't work for you is kind of catty and definitely unnecessary. Just leave the house and go buy an apron if the stress of not getting one for free will be too much for you. Thanks. Hope the link works for you.

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