Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cop Out

Holy not as bad as everyone says it is, Batman! I guess it's because everyone I talked to was expecting something totally hilarious, and by the time I saw it I'd talked to everyone else who acted like this is the worst movie ever made, but I enjoyed myself. The movie was definitely trying too hard to be funny, and Tracy
Morgan was getting on my last nerve (I've seen him BE funny before, so why was he acting like an unfunny guy trying to be funny in this movie?) but know, I've seen worse. And the ten year old in me kept giggling at things that the 29 year old me probably shouldn't have found funny. If I were ten, this would have been the best movie ever, but since I'm wasn't bad. It was juvenile and immatiure and annyoing, but it had its moments and I've definitely seen worse.

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